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Course Pricing and Inclusions at The House of PMU Gold

Our comprehensive semi-permanent makeup training program, which includes 5 days of intensive training and a range of valuable inclusions, is priced as follows:


Course Pricing:

Course Fee:





Course Duration:

5 days

Course Inclusions:

Extensive Hands-on Experience:

Our training program provides each student with the opportunity to work on six hands-on models, ensuring ample practical experience to refine their skills.


In-Depth Knowledge:

The course covers essential topics such as anatomy and physiology, equipping students with a deep understanding of the structure and function of the skin. It also includes comprehensive instruction on health and safety practices, legal requirements, and professional obligations to ensure a safe and ethical practice.


Full Beginners Kit:

We provide each student with a comprehensive Beginners Kit, containing all the necessary tools and materials required to practice and perfect their techniques throughout the training program.


Skin Types, Tones, and Fitzpatrick Scale:

Our curriculum covers the important aspects of working with diverse skin types, tones, and the Fitzpatrick scale, enabling students to adapt their techniques and achieve optimal results for clients of varying backgrounds.


Future Proof Qualification:

Upon successful completion of the training program, students receive a future-proof qualification. This ensures that graduates are equipped with the latest techniques and industry knowledge, staying ahead in the ever-evolving field of semi-permanent makeup.


Elite Pro Artist Trainers:

The training is led by two elite pro artist trainers who bring their extensive experience and expertise to the program. Their guidance and mentorship ensure that students receive personalized instruction and support throughout their training journey.

All about Brows: £2500

All about Eyes: £2500

All about Lips: £2500 


All of our courses are available with or without a full kits!

With a £500 reduction.

A non refundable deposit is taken on booking, this price depends on the course booked. For our full PMU Course we require a £1000 deposit and for our individual courses we require a £500 deposit. This will be taken off the balance of your course. Or your payment plan that you have in place. All balances need to be paid 14 days prior to your course start date.


Course Fee:





Course Duration:

5 days

Your PMU Course includes:

Beginner Theory pack Manual 100+ pages Beginner Practical Manual 60+ pages
In depth Theory day

Colour theory Mat/Latex Work

X2 hands on MODELS per area
Business Guide set up
Social media
Ongoing support and advice from your tutors, you will be added to the WhatsApp group once enrolled
Discount on further advanced Training with Tily Rae and Sophie Dodds
Certificate of completion
Information on licensing and insurance


Your PMU Kit Includes:

Lip pigments
Brow pigments
Eyeliner pigments Mapping tools
Tattoo Grip
Lap clothes
Colour wheel
Swatch sheets
Mapping practice sheets

Additional Details: 


We take Bank Transfer, Finance/Payment plan options and cash.



Both Tily Rae and Sophie Dodds each bring their unique expertise and style to their individual masterclasses, allowing you to choose the training that aligns perfectly with your interests and goals. Their are respected industry professionals with a wealth of experience, and their masterclasses offer you an exclusive opportunity to learn directly from the best. By attending their individual courses, you'll gain insights into their unique styles, techniques, and industry expertise, helping you refine your skills and elevate your craft.

Explore the Masterclasses

Course Fee:





Course Duration:

5 days

Tily Rae's Kashmere Brow masterclass is designed to immerse you in the art of creating flawless eyebrows. With Tily's guidance, you'll learn the intricacies of brow shaping, mapping, and the precise techniques required to achieve stunning, natural-looking results. Through her masterclass, Tily shares her coveted secrets and techniques that have made her a sought-after brow artist.

Sophie Dodds' Glamliner masterclass, on the other hand, is dedicated to helping you master the art of glamorous semi-permanent makeup. Sophie's expertise lies in creating captivating looks for lips and eyes that exude elegance and sophistication. From perfecting lip blush techniques to creating mesmerizing eye enhancements, Sophie's masterclass will equip you with the skills needed to create dazzling transformations.

Kashmere Masterclass

All training comes with everything you need 

to start your business 

Beautiful kit worth £1800 including: 


Hand piece 



Pigments pots

Cord covers

Barrier film 

Cotton buds 

Cotton pads 



Mapping string 



Consult forms 

Aftercare forms 

Business guide book 


At the end of this course you will need to complete case studies and 

a final assessment, you will then gain your beginners certificate. 

Where you will therefore be able to get your insurance.

Book your training.

Choose a training program or masterclass that aligns with your interests and goals, whether it's House Of PMU Gold, Tily Rae's Kashmere Brow masterclass or Sophie Dodds' Glamliner masterclass.

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